He may be a “Heavenly King”, but Andy Lau has proven he’s only human and one who is not above rolling up his sleeves (or pants in this case) to do the housework.

Known for being humble with no airs about him despite his superstar status, Andy showed off just how down to earth he is in a 30-second clip uploaded to his Douyin account (the Chinese equivalent of TikTok) on Friday (May 6).

The clip shows an almost unrecognisable Andy — floppy-haired and dressed down in a simple T-shirt and rolled up joggers — diligently mopping the floor of a bedroom that’s presumably his own.

In the caption, he wrote in Chinese: “May 1st continued”

Which we gather is his reference to Labour Day, taken quite literally. The video includes quips such as “Don’t be lazy, all four corners have to be cleaned”.  At the end of the clip, a masked-up Andy stops to smile and wave for the camera.

Publicity stunt or not, the video swiftly went viral, drawing more than 3.6 million likes and more than a million comments within two days. We guess it’s because, well, how often do we see a megastar getting down and dirty in his own home (and not in that way)?

It prompted one fan as well, to question: “Who else thought this is not the real Andy Lau?”, with others chiming in that they too thought the video was posted by a fake account.

Many commenters expressed surprised to see a star of his stature doing the housework, writing:

“So even superstars clean their own homes as well. I don’t feel so bad now!”

“He’s so handsome even when mopping the floor.”

“I scrolled past thinking what’s there to see, but scrolled back after realising it’s Andy Lau.”

“He seems very practised at mopping the floor.”

However, some questioned why Andy had to wear a mask in his own home, and expressed surprise that he was using a traditional mop — we suppose rather than a more high-tech option or a robot cleaner, which others suggested he should get.

But of course, one can never do enough, even if you’re a superstar. Wrote one: “You missed a spot under the bed.”