You might have heard about this hip flea-market concept in Bangkok. Touted as the hottest place to visit when you’re in the city, Artbox Thailand has come to be as well known as the famed Chatuchak weekend market. Of course, while Chatuchak may be filled with a universe of weird and interesting goods, such as pet hedgehogs and insect grub, Artbox is drawing the artsy creative community with the combination of knick knacks, artisanal offerings, new ideas from young designers along with lots of street food and live music.


Of course, Artbox is also a lot neater, cooler and festive in nature.


Artbox fans and those who’ve never been but interested in checking out the scene will be glad to know that organisers of the original Artbox have just confirmed that they will be exporting the concept to Singapore for the first time. Whether you’re a self-professed hipster or just looking for an interesting place to hang out over the weekend, this is your chance to imbibe of the outdoor artfair party atmosphere.

ARTBOX It’s Time To Move On: The First Flea Market in Singapore

The Lawn @ Marina Bay, 8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018984

28–30 Apr 2017 and 5–7 May 2017

14-16 Apr and 21-23 Apr 2017.


3pm to 11pm


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Images courtesy of Artbox Thailand, The Lawn @ Marina Bay