Fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? The tropical paradise of Cempedak Island awaits, only approximately 2.5 hours away from Singapore.

You can book a stay from Cempedak Island’s official website. Prices start from $475 on weekdays to $690 on weekends for a minimum stay of 2 nights (for 2 adults).

Where is Cempedak Island?

Cempedak Island is a 17 hectare private island for adults only located in Indonesian waters, accessible via a ferry ride to Bintan, followed by a drive to a jetty before a private speedboat ride.

Cempedak Island: 20 Sustainable Bamboo Villas

Peppering the landscape composed of white sandy beaches and a tropical rainforest are 20 architecturally designed sustainable bamboo villas.

Enveloped in lush greenery, they are designed to promote natural ventilation, so you can enjoy pleasant cool breezes while taking in sparkling sea views. 

Cempedak Island: Villas with private swimming pools

Each handcrafted villa also features a nature-embracing open design, with a deck that leads out seamlessly from the living area to the pool.

Ascend the centerpiece curved staircase to the spacious bedroom, for a better view overlooking the ocean and horizon.

Lead architect Miles Humphreys worked with bamboo specialist architects Chiko Wirahadi and Ketut Indra Saptura to create spaces, throughout the island, with high ceilings and fascinating textures, with a modern look that blends rusticity and refinement.

Cempedak Island: Bamboo villas hand-built from local materials

Locally sourced sustainable materials, including bamboo, alang alang grass, recycled teak, lava stone and petrified wood, were used to create unique and organic forms. But the concept of sustainability and preservation, extends beyond the island’s design, to the employment and training of locals as staff.

Cempedak Island: Total of 40 guests

All you have to do here is rest and recharge — the island accommodates only 40 guests.

There are no TV sets, but you won’t need this form of entertainment when there are beautiful surroundings where the natural habitat and wildlife have been preserved. Get active with a game of tennis or croquet, or water sports.

If you’re lucky, you might even encounter small-clawed otters, silvered leaf monkeys, green sea turtles, the critically endangered Sunda pangolin, and more inhabitants!

Going barefoot is also encouraged, as, after all, you will be treading only on soft white sand.