These tiny homes – courtesy of AirBnB! – are miniscule! But despite their size, they give us plenty of stylish ideas to dress up our own small apartments in Singapore!

First up is this lovely listing from Portland! This Lilliputian home created a beautiful little kitchen nook with the space under their bed. 
Tip!: Use warm colours in your kitchen for an inviting, cosy look. Add a touch of quaint country-style with the right wood pieces. This just proves you don't have to employ white walls and a minimalist look for a stylish kitchen.

Space two iss a little wooden hut in the middle of nowhere. Isn't it beautiful though! We just had to share the woodland home that seems to come straight out of a storybook. 
Tip!: Not enough space for a full dining set? Create a dining corner instead! The eye-catching rustic benches help the owners save plenty of room while giving them enough space for having guests over.

This owner is keeping it simple with a white and wood palette! We're loving the bay window seat idea! No need for a fancy couch when you can built a large ledge under the window and top it off with lots of cushions.
Tip!: Keep a cluttered room looking slightly larger by opting for a light colour palette. Also make full use of the windows you have in your home. Look at how this homeowner added some light to their "bedroom" by opening a window next to it.

Tip!: A place for everything, and everything in its place! Keep all your storage compartments neatly organised by spacing them out! It can really help your home appear less cluttered. Choose loose furnishings instead of built-in cabinetry, this allows you to be more flexible with your furniture placement. Also pick the right ones. For example, the utilitarian chic lockers don't overwhelm the space because they are kept off the floor with thin legs, keeping the floor empty. The lockers are also short enough to be kept off the ceiling, leaving a healthy breathing space and creating a less claustrophobic atmosphere in the small home.

This trailer-sized home is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Its utilitarian appearence on the outside hides a cheerful, colourful home on the inside! The interior of the home looks bright and spacious thanks to the white used throughout the space. The owner also made use of plenty of citrus-y colours to brighten the space further. Yes, it is a tight squeeze – look at the headroom of the loft bed! – but it's definitely cosy. Perfect for a fun-loving singleton!
Tip! More windows, more light!