Fresh from Fuorisalone 2016, the set of events and exhibitions held in conjunction with Salone del Mobile (also known as the international furniture fair) in Milan, this year's Axor Water Dream comprises beautiful sculptural water faucets designed by world-renowned architects and designers. In partnership with German brand HansgroheDavid Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, Front, Gam Fratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud designed unique spouts, based on the Axor U-Base fixture. 

Here's a look at the stunning concepts.

In British architect David Adjaye’s concept Ritual, water appears from under a granite inlay that is cradled by a wedge-shaped, precious metal (bronze) spout. The water, always in view, is ritualised: from source, to flow, and finally, to descent.


German designer Werner Aisslinger’s conceptual spout, The Sea and the Shore, is a hybrid consisting of a fountain and a shelf – a space for rituality and functionality. Crafted from the ancient and historical material clay, it emphasises the longevity and the value of water and water-releasing objects in our societies.


Water flows from platform to platform in Water Steps, a sculptural metal spout by the Swedish duo Front. Focusing on the playful exchange between form and water, it aesthetically and acoustically underlines the emotional potential of the natural element as it flows over PVD-finished, metallic surfaces.


Zen, designed by the Danish-Italian duo Gam Fratesi, reinterprets the classic Japanese wood fountain. With its minimalistic form and water flow, it achieves a tranquil and meditative spirit, which depicts the honest connection between nature and water.


Jean-Marie Massaud’s Mimicry suggests a water-releasing object in complete harmony with the architectural landscape. Material (marble) and form (simple, geometric shapes) suggest an inherent connection to water and achieve an emotional enhancement of both object and resource.


(All images from Hansgrohe)