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You’ve probably heard the term “co-living” in the last few months and wondered what it was. An alternative to the traditional rental flat, co-living spaces are a rising trend that offers the flexibility of a short-term stay, the perks of housekeeping services, and the possibility of meeting new like-minded friends — all in one package. They’re the perfect option for professionals and students who don’t want the hassle and commitment of a rental flat, but need somewhere to stay and socialise with new people.

Co-living also helps to promote sustainable living, thanks to resource sharing: when a few individuals live together and use the same communal spaces, the environmental costs are a lot lower compared to when these individuals live in separate homes. Most spaces are also located close to the heart of the city, so commute times – and environmental pollution possibilities – are reduced.

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In co-living, you get the privacy of your own room, plus a shared kitchen and living area. Utilities and housekeeping are usually included in the rate as well, plus a whole host of community events like yoga classes and game nights that help your social life stay on track. Interested to find out more? Here are some cool co-living options to consider.


Photo: Figment

Situated in areas with historical significance, Figment – formerly known as the Shophouse Series – offers tenants a taste of living in heritage architecture. The interiors of these shophouses also showcase local design talent, resulting in stylish, one-of-a-kind spaces that are far from ordinary.

Photo: Figment

WHO’S IT FOR: Design lovers who value heritage

LOCATIONS: Tanjong Pagar, Emerald Hill, Novena, Joo Chiat and more

STARTING FROM: $2,200 a month for a shophouse suite

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Filled with neon signs, quirky design, and even a human-sized hamster workout wheel, lyf’s vibe is decidedly tongue-in-cheek and geared towards those who thrive in a vibrant environment. Community get-togethers are aplenty – you can look forward to social events like movie nights, yoga classes, and pub crawls.

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WHO’S IT FOR: Millenials who want a vibrant living space full of personality

LOCATIONS: Funan, Farrer Park, One-North (2021)

STARTING FROM: $150 for one night

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Featuring bright, airy spaces with designer furniture, Login offers the sanctuary of a home environment, but there’s plenty of vibrant community spirit, too. Their events include cooking classes, art jamming, and even boxing – you’ll never be bored.

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WHO’S IT FOR: Those who want an intimate home environment

LOCATIONS: Queenstown, Novena, East Coast, Orchard Road

STARTING FROM: $1,200 a month for a common bedroom

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Cove Living

Photo: Cove Living

Equipped with super-fast mesh WiFi, large TV screens with Chromecast, and a convenient online system for maintenance requests to billing, Cove Living is the ideal choice for those who want an apartment with minimal hassle. They offer a range of living options from condominium apartments to heritage shophouses.

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WHO’S IT FOR: Those who want a smooth, seamless move

LOCATIONS: Novena, River Valley, Pasir Panjang, Farrer Park and more

STARTING FROM: $1,000 a month for a common bedroom

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With a gym, outdoor pool, and BBQ facilities, Cooliv offers an active lifestyle for its members. It’s also got a co-working space and meeting rooms, so your work needs are taken care of, whether you’re opting for a short- or long-term stay.

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WHO’S IT FOR: Professionals who work hard and play hard

LOCATIONS: Pasir Panjang

STARTING FROM: $3200 a month for a superior room with ensuite bathroom

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One of the bigger players in the market, Hmlet, which derives its name from hamlet, or small village, has several locations in the heart of Singapore. You’ll feel right at home with the warm, contemporary vibe of their fully-furnished apartments, and there’s even an app for you to book housekeeping and RSVP to their community events.

Photo: Hmlet

WHO’S IT FOR: People who want a stylish home away from home

LOCATIONS: Bartley, Tiong Bahru, Bukit Timah, CBD area and more

STARTING FROM: $1,000 a month for a single room with shared bathroom

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What’s the minimum stay required?

According to Singapore laws, the minimum duration for a lease is three months. However, some co-living spaces offer more flexibility where you can rent for even just a day.

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Will I still have privacy in a co-living space?

Yes, you will — even if you’re staying with a few others. The privacy is usually flexible, so you can choose to hang out in the communal area or retreat to your room. Most spaces also offer ensuite bathrooms, or limit the bathroom-to-people ratio.

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How is co-living different from a flat-share?

Co-living offers a lot more flexibility in terms of rental duration and activities. For example, while a regular flat rental may have restrictions on cooking and laundry, co-living has no such limitations, and you’re even encouraged to do these things together with your roommates.

Also, as a cherry on top, most spaces include weekly housekeeping too.

Factors to consider when searching for a co-living space

Apart from rates and locations, the most important thing to look for is like-minded people. Co-living spaces each have their own niche market, so look for one that appeals to you and chances are you’ll find people like you as well. Most spaces will arrange for a viewing first, so you can get a feel for who lives there.