Imagine taking a video walk-through around the home you’re planning to buy, before even visiting the site, like this:


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Now you can, thanks to Panopedia, a platform that creates a panoramic, 360-degree virtual tours of properties — which they call Panotours. Property owners and real estate agents have been making use of this new technology to up their game when marketing their properties.

In fact, Panopedia is the world’s largest single repository of panoramic video tours, with over 6,000 virtual tours of various properties.

You can explore properties virtually, moving from room to room as you like, making this platform an extremely useful tool in your home-purchasing decision.

If you’re selling your home and wish to create a virtual tour of your very own home, Panopedia offers a monthly subscription plan, from as low as $8 a month for 5 Panotours. Find out more here.