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Image: Club Meatballs

What’s better than an ordinary showroom? A functional one, of course! BW’s latest showroom is 6,000sqf large and broken up into three spaces, namely Club BW, Club House and Club Meatballs.

Club Meatballs is a restaurant-showroom designed by Geila Daightrey of Rockett Studio. This gastropub was a joint venture with the folks behind sandwich cafe Sarnies, and the mix-and-match menu allows diners to choose from a selection of meatballs and sauces, with up to 125 variations.

club house, bw furniture, check out, chinatown, workspace
Image: BW Furniture

From the designer furnishings to the retro floor tiles inspired by the motifs of old butcher’s and grocery shops, its interiors are a visual feast. Walk through the back of Club Meatballs and you’ll find Club BW, a cosy office with a meeting room-cum-semi-private dining area that is a contrast against the loftiness of the Club House opposite it.

Filled with indoor palm trees and furniture from the 20 brands under BW, the Club House functions as a showroom and a public working area. Simply purchase anything at the food kiosk to enjoy free usage of the space and its private office pods.

Check out Club Meatballs at #01-35 China Square Central, 20 Cross Stree, tel: 6222-8660.