These days, we’re eating at home a lot more — but with blurred boundaries between work and rest, rushed takeaways, and the constant presence of our family members, taking it all for granted is a very real possibility.

It’s time to bring back the experience of mindful eating and enjoying a good meal with our loved ones, and MAKE + MERRY, a creative studio and lifestyle brand run by entrepreneurs and friends Valerie Sim and Malvina Tan, is doing just that.

By collaborating with local chefs and artists, MAKE + MERRY creates one-of-a-kind dining experiences that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home together with family and friends.

Their very first collaboration — a kit of delicious jams and butters — has just launched today, 10 October 2020, on their website.

The Kit

Named MAKE + MERRY MAGIC Kit 1.0, it includes a vibrant fabric wrap art piece designed by artist Soh Ee Shaun and four bottles of yummy artisanal jam and butter produce created by chef Dylan Ong: Strawberry & Rhubarb, Banana & Peckham Pear Brûlée, Umami Butter, and Truffle Butter.

MAKE + MERRY MAGIC Kit 1.0 consists of two jams and two butters, and a colourful fabric wrap art piece.

These can be used in a myriad of ways to spruce up a meal, whether it’s mixing in truffle butter into homemade pasta or using the brûlée as part of a special dessert. As for the fabric wrap, you can use it as a placemat, tea towel, or even tie it up furoshiki-style to create a lunch bag.

” We want people to get creative with their recipes when using the produce, and we want people to use our fabric wrap to elevate their dining experience at home,” shares Malvina.

A Spotlight on Singapore’s Arts Scene

The duo came up with the idea for the project thanks to their passion for art and food. Their creative backgrounds — Malvina as a performance artist and Valerie as a creative producer respectively — spurred them to find ways to support the local arts scene. This, coupled with their love for food, inspired them to begin this collaboration.

Malvina and Valerie.

“[Our] mission is to… be a channel to reach out to and support different communities through the celebration of food and art. We want to be the conduit that connects and unites different local brands and makers to create something bigger and better,” says Malvina.

For a Great Cause

By purchasing the kit, you’ll be donating to a good cause, too. 15% of the total proceeds from each project will go towards charity, and for MAKE + MERRY MAGIC Kit 1.0, the chosen beneficiary is Children’s Wishing Well, a non-profit organisation and registered charity in Singapore.

“The two of us, [as well as] chef Dylan Ong and artist Soh Ee Shaun, are passionate about supporting educational and enrichment opportunities for children from lower income families,” shares Malvina.

MAKE + MERRY MAGIC kit 1.0 will be available for purchase online via MAKE + MERRY’s website from 10 October 2020.