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Image: Tburu

Tburu (pronounced tay-bu-ru, the Japanese expression for table) was born from restauranteur Calvin Yeung’s dream of an oasis that urbanites could escape to without getting away from the city.

Being the only occupant of Orchard Gateway @ Emerald’s fifth level, its inconspicuous location sets the tone for a peaceful meal away from the noise of the shopping crowd.

Visitors are welcomed with a modest entrance, which belies the grand views of Orchard Road that spread out before you the moment you take a step inside.

“Traditionally, sushi bars tend to be very small and cosy. But I like that this place, with high ceilings and big windows, is so different,” remarked Calvin, who is from Hong Kong.


tburu, restaurant, design, muted, neutral, japanese
Image: Tburu

Calvin is known for his culinary talents, but he is also a self-taught interior designer with a knack for utilising design to create a multisensory experience for his customers. The interiors were kept muted and gentle, so as not to steal the attention away from the food plating.

Calvin also personally designed the menu, which includes a premium mentaiko sushi served in deep woven baskets, melt-in-your-mouth A4 Japanese Wagyu beef, and exclusive sake served in stemware rather than cups.

Everything all comes together to form a homely space where shoppers can escape to rest their feet and eyes, while Calvin tantalises their tastebuds.

Check out Tburu at Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, Level 5, tel: 6221-0004.