Clunky water dispensers are a thing of the past with Xiaomi’s JMEY M2. At only 580g, and with its clean lines and compact footprint, it’s small and unobtrusive enough to sit on your office desk, in baby’s nursery, or even be taken along on an outing or holiday.

You won’t even have to wait for your hot water. All you need to do is plug in the JMEY to its own external water reservoir that comes in the package, or even mount your own regular bottle via a simple attachment, and it runs the water through its rapid-heating system and into your waiting cup.

It comes in three temperature settings — 45 degrees, 75 degrees, or boiling — so you can make tea at your desk (perfect for those afternoons where you need a pick-me-up!) or get hot water to make your baby’s milk immediately without any downtime.

The JMEY also has thoughtful features built in for safety, such as a child lock. It also comes with suction cups at the bottom for extra stability.

For more information, visit the Xiaomi website.