(Photo: Autobahn Motors)

Any car enthusiast will agree that the thrill of owning a supercar – or even just admiring one – is a satisfaction in its own right. For Autobahn Motors, a family-owned automotive business, its inventory of automobiles includes classic ranges to supercars from brands like Lamborghini, Maserati, and Bentley.

Unlike traditional car showroom settings, where models are presented on a single level platform, the design of Autobahn Motors’ new showroom – which opened in late 2016 – is the first of its kind in Singapore.

“In our old showroom, we faced problems like space constraint, undesirable presentation and maintenance inconveniences,” shares Gary Hong, director of Autobahn Motors.

With his brothers and partners, they developed an innovative system inspired by inventory management automation in the logistics industry.

The result is an impressive visual spectacle of two parking towers, each housing 30 cars, fronting the full-height glass facade of the newly acquired building. A car lift delivers and retrieves vehicles to and from the slots along the towers. This new parking solution has customised settings to manage different requirements, such as varying sizes, heights, and widths of a broad category of cars.

“Following extensive research during the design process, this new system has garnered significant interest, and I wish to further explore this business,” says Gary. Aside from automotive retailing, Autobahn Motors seeks to champion the future of car parking solutions.

“As many commercial and industrial businesses suffer from limited footprint, this works as an all-in-one solution that helps maximise space, optimise real estate savings, offer efficiency in locating and retrieving vehicles, while being environmental-friendly – it results in less pollution from vehicles travelling up and down multi-storey carparks,” he adds.

Speaking about the widespread interest his design has garnered across the world through social media platforms, he says: “Frankly, I did not design this showroom with the intention to impress. I wanted to provide a solution that alleviates the constraints of land scarcity. But I am pleasantly surprised to have received international requests from France, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and more, to see this showroom.”

Autobahn Motors in located at 20 Jalan Kilang.