I expected the new Hello Kitty cafe to be all pink and frilly, but was very pleasantly surprised with its neutral colour scheme and almost understated decor!

Located at level one of Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrivals area, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden takes on an European-style garden feel with design features that look like trellises or arbours. The space is also extensively adorned with both real and artificial Orchids and other plants, inspired by Singapore's national flower and "garden city" vibe. 



This is what it looks like from the outside — almost all white with a boutique-like shopfront.


The cafe features a "canopy" or orchids of various shades, giving it a soft touch.


Furniture is customised — tables have motifs of the famous and beloved Sanrio character and chairs have the iconic bow incorporated into backrests! 


Swing seating adds to the fun and casual look and feel.



Actually, I must admit that the food creations are quite cute. Not only do they consist of Hello Kitty elements, the dishes are colourful and look appetising. 

There is a wide range of offerings, from all-day breakfast and sandwiches to main courses and desserts. Some examples are Let's Do The Salsa ($16.50) — a Kitty-shaped salsa chicken sandwich and Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50) — waffles with cheese, also shaped like Kitty, along with the usual supsects.

Drinks, such as Ice Salted Caramel Latte ($7) and Kitty Blush ($7.90) — a watermelon and basil soda, seasonal tarts and cakes, soft serve frozen yoghurt and gelato are also available.

Since the cafe is open 24 hours, you have yet another option if you get hungry late at night, if you don't mind going all the way to the airport!



Some tables have customised terrariums underneath! Interesting idea.


Real orchids are planted lower down at eye level, while realistic-looking artificial ones are used higher up for easy upkeep.


On one side of the cafe, pages from Hello Kitty's journal depict her gardening story. I didn't read it, but perhaps it'll make for an entertaining story while you wait for your food?


There are two major photo spots! Fans will be delighted by the 3D life-sized figurines of Hello Kitty, one one a bench and the other in front of a greenwall. 


There is a merchandise section just near the entrance, where you can get things like grow-it-yourself platn kits, gift sets and of course plush toys!

This current range of Hello Kitty plushies ($49.50 each) are limited edition — there are only 500 — and are limited to two per person. And what's so special? It's the only Kitty with two bows in the world! Hurry, you might already be too late to grab one!


Hello Kitty Orchid Garden is at #01-22 Arrival Hall Central, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, www.hellokittyorchidgarden.com