(Photo: Pixabay)

With some oil palm plantations, and pulp and paper companies coming under fire when the haze enveloped the region last year, Double A stands out as a company that continues to think of unique and innovative ways to sustainbly produce their paper products.

Double A's paper trees are planted on Khan-na, a thai word that refers to the vacant strips of land between and around Thai farmers' agricultural fields.

1.5 million Thai farmers are currently engaged in Double A's paper from Khan-na approach. Recently, Double A has turned its attention towards promoting responsible consumerism.

Last month, 1Dream1Tree was launched.

Throughout the campaign, which ends next month, there willl a unique QR code printed on the packaging of each ream of Double A 80gsm paper.

By scanning this code, consumers are able to activate a Thai farmer to plant a tree for them.

Mr Thirawit Leetavorn (right) and travel presenter Denise Keller (in white) with rice farmers in Thailand. (Photo: ARTFRIDAY)

Double A’s Senior Executive Vice-President, Mr Thirawit Leetavorn, said: “(1Dream1Tree) is the beginning of our engagement and collaboration – non-governmental organisations, business, farmers, the media and consumers.

For consumerism to mean something, it should be sustainable consumption." 


Written by Catherine Chang for The New Paper