You’re busy enough, so the less to worry about at home, the better. Make life easier, safer, and more comfortable for you and your family, by automating your home and controlling it with the Arteor My Home Screen 10 touchscreen device by Legrand. 

The sleek and stylish Arteor My Home Screen 10 features a 10-inch LCD touchscreen and comes in black and white.


Complete control to create the right atmosphere

Navigate the interface easily and intuitively, by room or function. Control your lighting, audiovisual equipment, air-conditioning, blinds and security system, all from one central device! You can command the functions individually or as a pre-set group ­– for example, programming soft lighting to go with music for relaxing.

Customise different user profiles to cater to each family member. You need only one device for the entire household!


Form and function

The Arteor My Home Screen 10 features a 10-inch LCD touchscreen — its super sleek wall-mounted design will complement any contemporary interior!

Its system is based on BUS and radio technology, which makes subsequent installation upgrades fuss-free. It also comes with energy management features.


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