WHAT: Beefbar Hong Kong, a “luxury steakhouse” designed by architects Humbert & Poyet.

WHERE: Ice House Street, Hong Kong 

WHY WE LOVE IT: The use of black, dull gold, and marble gives the restaurant the look of timeless luxury – showing us opulence and elegance need not be over the top!

A strong entrance, featuring materials like white and black marble, as well as glass. These were also cleverly used for Beefbar Monaco and Beefbar Mexico.

The minimalist decor throughout the restaurant allow the characteristics of these materials to shine through. We especially love the shade of amber copper they chose for the chair legs, which contrasts with the dark leather seats.

(Image credits: Jonathan Maloney)

There is also a strong emphasis on clean lines, from the strip ceiling to the way the walls were painted. With the warm colours and ambient lighting, Beefbar makes a cosy dining spot in Hong Kong!