A walk along Jalan Besar Road will reveal Hotel Yan, a strangely contemporary building in contrast against the background of traditional old-school houses. The road has retained buildings of older architecture, with structures that were once built in the 19th century now housing several engineering workshops, eating houses, and hostels. It is this eclectic mix that Hotel Yan’s concept is built on, as Kah Eng Lim and Eileen Lim – the husband and wife duo behind the hotel – explain.


Upon entering, guests are greeted with raw concrete floors and cosy high ceilings. Mainly using materials such as iron and wood, the interiors of the hotel harmonise easily with its industrial surroundings. Rustic furnishings such as the bar stools and bulb chandeliers in the lobby are all custom-made to fit the hotel’s concept, while details such as the engraved wordings on the concrete reception desks make for a whimsical touch.


Little accents of industrial-chic can be observed in all the rooms – from bespoke modular racks that look like bare pipes, to stylistic yet simple chairs, beds and sofas.

The room balconies also showcase the old-fashioned surroundings of Jalan Besar Road.


Guests can look forward to facilities such as laundry services and dining soon to come. Hotel Yan offers 69 “specially designed rooms”, with rates ranging from $148 to $256. 


Hotel Yan is located at 162 Tyrwhitt Road, tel: 6805-1955, www.hotel-yan.com