“Paper happened to be a medium that I came across in the business. It is so raw and organic, and I can’t get enough of it,” says Ektory founder Dawn.

Known especially for its sumptuous paper flowers and flower walls, local start-up Ektory creates beautiful ornaments, as well as striking settings and installations – all handcrafted using the simple and humble medium that is paper. Founder Dawn tells us more about her love for paper, and the team’s visually arresting artworks.

What led you to focus on paper art? 
It was a happy accident! One of my first few requests was inspired by Chanel’s couture shows – a bride wanted a 5m white paper flower wall on stage. I had never made a single paper flower before, but decided to take up the challenge. I stayed up all night to make a small sample wall for her, and she became my first paper flower wall client.

Tell us about your work and inspiration.
I am self-taught. I love creating and experimenting with different natural materials, using my hands. There’s beauty in that. I feel that paper art was lost for a long time, but is now gaining acceptance as a novelty. My inspiration and work come from and is for the people around me, and is based on my reflections and beliefs in life.

For example, some people ask: “Why use so much white?” White is a pure colour, and we are all born into this world pure. Our stories and experiences define us and “colour” us along the way. I dreamt of Ektory being a “white” canvas that you can use to paint your own colours and express yourself. So, personalisation for clients is key to Ektory.

We don’t put a limit on what we can create – whatever we create is because of clients who are willing to take the leap of faith with us, and we always try to create something new.

Ektory offers seven products and services, including full campaign design services, building facade model miniature designs, crafting live demos and stop-motion videos.

Do you have an art-and-craft background?
My background is actually in fashion – I love design and it embraces the extreme, crazy and weird. But in primary school, I enjoyed making paper animals and I was so happy when (my creations) made it into the school’s art exhibitions every year. After that, I became busy and didn’t pursue paper art – so Ektory has brought me back full circle to my first love.

How do your paper creations enhance a setting?
They can make any place look magical. We play with different aspects, for example, scale – either giant-sized or miniatures. This element of surprise is what makes them look out of this world!

You can find Ektory’s signature paper flowers all over town, from boutiques to installations and private events.

What is your most memorable work?
The white-on-white flower walls. When I started Ektory, I created the templates myself, and when I could afford to hire, I had my team add their own templates to the collection. Since then, we have mixed them all up and created these crazy flowers with no restrictions, except for being white. Every flower is different, and they look so amazing together. Last year, we made it onto the “Top 10 Wedding Trends” list from bridal website The Wedding Scoop.

What is your work and craft process like?
It starts with conceptualisation, experimentation, crafting, and then execution. A lot of planning is involved at every stage. Our recent project for luxury brand Delvaux’s window display and VIP event at Scotts Square is our most detailed yet – it took us about 500 hours!