An edible replica of graphic designer Ikko Tanaka ‘s most well-known poster design, and a Japanese zen garden made from sour cream, nuts and matcha. Photos: sasamana1204 /Instagram

The most artistic my toast has ever gotten is when I used a sandwich maker with a patterned plate, but well, clearly I’m not Japanese artist and designer Manami Sasaki.

Since lockdown, her morning ritual has consisted of creating edible works of art using sliced bread as her canvas, and they are a delight to the eyes as they are to the tastebuds.

For her toast art inspiration, she references everything from traditional Japanese concepts to works by other artists. On one, edible gold leafing, ketchup and sour cream are artfully placed to pay homage to the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. In another, she pays tribute to the late graphic designer Ikko Tanaka with a replica of his most iconic poster design, Nihon Buyo (Japanese Buyo dance).

She posts her creations to her Instagram page, where she also shares what they look like after getting grilled.

Be mesmerised by the rest of her works, below:

Sour cream, shirasu, blue seaweed, grilled seaweed, mentaiko and cherry tomato combine to create a stork commonly depicted in Japanese playing cards. Photos: sasamana1204 /Instagram
Sasaki recreated a Karisansui or Japanese rock garden with nuts as stones and matcha powder as moss. Photos: sasamana1204 /Instagram
 Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer, is translated with edible gold leafing and ketchup on a bed of sour cream. Photo: sasamana1204 /Instagram
Photos: sasamana1204 /Instagram
Even iconic book character Miffy, created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, gets featured in the designer’s creations. Photos: sasamana1204 /Instagram

Apart from whipping up delicious toast art, the artist spends her time creating prints and illustrations for lifestyle products, exhibits her works and does live painting. Check out her Instagram page here.