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Hate airing out the smell of paint? We do, too. With Dulux Pureair, you’ll be able to enjoy your space right after you’ve rolled a fresh coat of paint on your walls.

dulux, paint, odour, most odourless paint, pureair, living room, white,

No need to wait for paint odour to disappear!
Dulux Pureair’s Airfresh Technology works in tandem with the Paint Happy Technology, absorbing pollutants in the air to help keep your house smelling fresh! These two new technologies neutralise paint smell to minimise discomfort for you and your family during and after painting.

With “virtually no paint smell”*, you and your family can enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere almost immediately after a paint job!

Fresh for longer!
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Available in a range of cheery pastel colours, Dulux Pureair promises to leave your home smelling and looking fresh after painting. Aside from the Airfresh and Paint Happy technologies to help keep your home free from paint odours, the paint also come with properties to ensure that the look of fresh paint is preserved.

Its Colourguard technology helps to preserve the paint coat’s smooth luxurious finish. The paint is also mould- and fungus-resistant, antibacterial and washable, which is great for families with newborns! Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the new look of your space right after it’s been painted, thanks to the “truly odour free”* experience Dulux Pureair brings.

How odourless is it? Based on Nielsen’s research conducted in 2014 against “odourless” interior wall paint products, results show that “four in five consumers* will recommend Dulux Pureair to their families and friends!”

Visit Dulux for more information on Dulux Pureair! Or, request a brochure by e-mailing customer.care.sg@akzonobel.com.

*Claims based on research conducted by Nielsen in 2014 on “odourless” interior wall paint products in Singapore among 106 Singaporean adults.