Is it possible to ever have enough room for all of our belongings? Even with frequent decluttering sessions, there are bound to be some items that you can’t let go of but may not have room for – sentimental items, family heirlooms, a collection of wine or antiques.

Space Next Door aims to resolve the issue of space as quickly and easily as possible, by aggregating storage facilities and making all the information available via a convenient online platform. You no longer have to perform a tedious search across individual self-storage facility websites and getting separate quotes for each – renting a space is as simple as a click. “In today’s fast-paced world we wanted to offer our customers the convenience to make a decision quickly and with confidence,” says Mark Cleaver, CEO of Space Next Door.

Mark Cleaver, CEO. PHOTO: Space Next Door

As the name suggests, convenience and accessibility is key, which is why the platform’s 3,000+ offerings include not only traditional self-storage facilities but also space in other people’s homes. What that means is your storage space could be a room in the next block – or if you have a spare room but prefer not to have a tenant, you could still make money from it. It’s even possible to rent space in another country, since Space Next Door has launched in both Singapore and Bangkok, and is looking to expand even further in Thailand and Japan.

How does Space Next Door help the customer with choosing a unit?

We are completely transparent about pricing and there are no hidden costs – everything including logistics and insurance are clearly listed. We also offer the convenience of making the booking directly and instantly online. There’s also a handy size estimator that  allows users to select the things they will be storing, such as a TV or couch, and then gives an estimate of the size needed and suggests suitable storage facilities.

PHOTO: Space Next Door

What are the requirements for a homeowner who’s looking to rent out their space?

All of our hosts must abide by our terms and conditions which is clearly pointed out on our platform. The most basic requirement would be that the space is easily accessible and meets our standard quality protocol. Our onboarding and community team will happily assist all of our hosts through the application and onboarding process and even guide them on photography tips. The better they present their space, the more likely it is to be rented. 

In terms of period of storage, the minimum duration is one day, and we have no maximum period. However, any period selected need to be mutually agreed upon between the host and the customer. 

PHOTO: Space Next Door

How do you ensure security when the storage space is in someone’s home?

The safety and security of our customers’ belongings are paramount.  All of our approved hosts have passed our safety and security checking process. We have a strict no-interference policy, and all of our hosts have to abide by these policies.

PHOTO: Winebanc

Can you tell us more about the storage facilities for wine?

For that, we work together with storage partner Winebanc to provide wine cellars that can lock up to 10 cases of wine. These are humidity- and temperature-controlled at a range of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, and even include a tasting room.

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