yishun ring road nuisance menace neighbour arrested

(Residents at Yishun Block 112 built a "wall" barbed with cacti to keep out a neighbour who had been dumping an oil-like substance that smelt like urine on their doors. ST PHOTO: FELINE LIM)


One woman living in Blk 112 at Yishun Ring Road has been arrested after repeatedly throwing rubbish, toilet paper, braised sauce and sanitary pads outside her neighbour’s door for over a year (watch the CCTV recording of her in action here).

The harassment drove her neighbours to their wits' end, with one man erecting a cacti-lined "wall" to fence off the common corridor in a desperate attempt to keep her out.


The police told The Straits Times yesterday that reports were lodged over the incidents, and a 63-year- old woman has been arrested for the offence of causing public nuisance.

Neighbours had alleged that the woman regularly splashed an oil-like substance that smelt like urine across their doors and corridors. They also found balls of toilet paper and used sanitary pads outside their flats.


One family erected a metre-high barrier with a latched gate barbed with cacti to fence off the common corridor. Shin Min Daily News said in a report yesterday that the woman was arrested last Saturday.


However, neighbours told ST that they heard the woman making noise in her flat again from Monday afternoon. Madam Yeo Kim Hong, a 65-year-old cashier who lives above the woman, said the woman was making loud banging noises on Monday afternoon.

"She kept banging something until I had a headache," she said.


Information technology consultant Edmund Lee, who also lives on the floor above the woman, said that he also heard the woman making knocking noises yesterday morning. He said his family had put aside the barbed barrier as "we cannot be blocking the passage".


The town council had asked the family to remove the barrier as it was a fire hazard. Mr Lee, 28, added that he was going to the police station today to assist in investigations.

"We have to wait and see what the police can do," he said. He also commented that he has never spoken to the woman as she would run away whenever she was approached. Asked about her children, Mr Lee said the woman has a daughter, and he believes she has a son who does not live with her.


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Article by Tiffany Fumiko Tay, originally appeared in The Straits Times