Dreamcatchers. Who would have thought that a Native American craftwork made from a small hoop covered with string, and decorated with feathers and beads would become the most Instagrammable item at the new Hotel G at Middle Road?

"The dreamcatcher is colourful and playful, so it has been appearing a lot on our social media feed," says Marc Bichet, GCP Hospitality's chief marketing officer. GCP Hospitality owns and manages Hotel G. "Plus the dream catcher is said to give the owner good dreams, and who doesn't want sweet dreams?"

Having the dreamcatcher in the room may be kitschy, but after seeing it on social media, a guest may just want to check into Hotel G to get that perfect shot that garners many likes.


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The hotel has another trick up its sleeve when it comes to guest engagement. It has partnered with acclaimed photo studio YellowKorner to fill the 308 rooms with stylish photographs. "Guests can buy any of these prints by well-known photographers off the walls of their rooms if they wish," says Mr Bichet.

The hotel prides itself on being an affordable option for the design, food and fashion-conscious traveller. Room rates start from $128. Hotel G offers three room types – Good, Great and Greater, which vary in size.

Mr Bichet says that for its price, not only does the design resemble that of pricier boutique hotels, but little details that most people take for granted are put in too, such as "enough space in the room to open a suitcase, a bathroom with a proper rain shower, proper water pressure, Internet that works, and walls that are thick enough not to hear your neighbours."

Even the flat screen TVs in the rooms are not ordinary ones, but have mirroring options, allowing guests to beam anything from their smart devices to the TV.

More than just catering to the overseas guest, Hotel G wants to engage with the locals too.

It does this with its two restaurants, Ginett, a restaurant and wine bar, and 25 Degrees, a burger, wine and liquor bar.

"We understand that hotel guests may not want to dine in the hotel, hence we have the two dining joints on the ground floor more for locals, and we also want to turn the hotel into a dining destination," says Mr Bichet.

Its other restaurant, 25 Degrees, is a sister to the legendary Hollywood flagship which has since also extended to Bangkok – serving gourmet burgers and comfort fare.

To enhance the guest experience, Hotel G staff are trained to analyse a guest's room. "We want our guests to have their rooms the way they like it." By that, Mr Bichet means, "if the staff notices that the guests only sleeps on one side of the bed, that he only folds down the covers on that particular side."

He hopes to implement a new standard of service for hotels under GCP Hospitality.

He recalls the time his wife was staying at a hotel in New York, and posted a selfie of herself, with the caption of how she was ill and couldn't fully enjoy the room.

"Within 10 minutes of that post, a hotel staff was at her door, with a tray of tea, and a card wishing her a speedy recovery. That was totally spontaneous, unexpected, and definitely memorable," he says.

Hotel G is located at 200 Middle Road. T: 68097988.

Written by Tay Suan Chiang for The Business Times