Ikea is one company that never fails to impress us with their creative ads. Remember their response to the Balenciaga copycat bag? Well, they’ve done it again — this time with the help of Swedish advertising agency Akestam Holst.

Pregnant mothers are entitled to a huge discount of Ikea’s cribs if they can prove they are pregnant. Not by showing the staff a pregnancy kit, but a pee-stained advertisement in a magazine. 

To be taken like a pregnancy test, the advertisement will reveal a discounted price through a colour change. (FYI: The antibodies of the pregnancy hormone activates the colour change.)

This amusing and clever advertisement appeared in Amelia magazine, which Akestam Holst says is one of Sweden’s most influential titles for women.

The agency worked with Mercene Labs to infuse the paper with a technology similar to the one found in pregnancy kits. Watch how it works below:

IKEA – Pee Ad from Ourwork on Vimeo.

Akestam Holst’s Art Director, Evelina Rönnung, told The Independent: “We created an ad that connects the Ikea Family discount with the functionality of a pregnancy test, in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. One of the most incredible moments in life is when that test comes out positive. But there are more urgent things to consider at that moment. Like a discounted crib.”

Hey, it’s a free pregnancy test and a discounted crib. Go for it!