Bryan O'Sullivan

The creative mind behind London's The Berkeley Bar & Terrace, Bryan fills us in on his daily life, things that inspire him and his personal design style.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Exercise. I need to exercise every morning before work to feel on top of things. I love heading into a new day feeling pumped.

What puts you to sleep?

I try to read and avoid using my phone once I’m in my bedroom, but I don’t always stick to that.

What is the music track you most like to listen to while you work?

I love Radio Fip. It’s not a music track, but a radio station I used to listen to when I lived in Paris. It has an incredibly varied and eclectic playlist that’s perfect as background music in the studio.

What animal is your favourite pet?

That would be Elka, my golden retriever and the most incredible dog ever. She was really part of the family. We had her from when I was four and until I was 18. I still have dreams about her. Elka was part of every adventure we kids had.

What is your personal design style?

Quite classic. I don’t wear anything too out there and I don’t follow cutting-edge styles closely. I like a simple colour palette.
In terms of work, the design at Bryan O’Sullivan Studio is timeless and elegant. I find these qualities help create a beautiful atmosphere which will stand the test of time.

What natural element inspires you?

Mountains. The place where I feel most relaxed in is Kenmare, my hometown
on the south-west coast of County Kerry in Ireland. It’s surrounded by some of the tallest mountains. My favourite thing to do there is to climb them with my dad.

What would your last meal on earth be?

I’d like Chef Martin Hallissey of Packie’s Food & Wine, a long-established, award-winning spot in Kenmare, to cook for me. The food
 is exquisite, especially the incredible seafood that’s cooked very simply. Its menu is mostly based on seasonal local produce.