Twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, 37, helm HGTV’s reality TV show Property Brothers, in which they remodel and transform fixer- uppers. On the programme, Drew, a real estate agent, helps the featured couple find a home that meets their budget,while Jonathan, a licensed contractor, lends a hand to create their dream home.
In town to promote the latest season of the show, the brothers share some renovation tips for new homeowners.

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When buying furniture, where should you start?
Drew: People tend to just grab random pieces they like, so we suggest picking a single piece of furniture for each room and continuing from there. For example, in the living room, start with the sofa. Choose one that works perfectly with the space and build around that.

What is the fastest and simplest way to give a room a makeover?
Drew: Paint your home!
Jonathan: Painting is the simplest way.
Any homeowner can do it. Take your time, use good-quality paint and keep the colours fresh and contemporary.
Drew: You could also look at swopping your light fixtures. Changing your lighting can dramatically change your space.

Any tips for young couples renovating their first home together?
Drew: Really plan it out. Jonathan and I are always telling people: if you both jump into it without planning, you will not be newly-wedsforverylong.
Renovation and home-buying are a headache if you’re not organised, so work with professionals who can help you and make sure the job’s done right.

What are three questions couples should ask their interior designer or contractor?
Jonathan: One: are you licensed? Two: have you worked on this type of project before? And three…
Drew: “Can I get that in writing?”
Jonathan: Yes, always make sure everything is in writing.

What do couples usually argue about when they start renovation?
Jonathan: It usually comes down to finances. One person wants to spend money on something that the other doesn’t, or both can’t agree on materials and finishes.
Drew: They also argue about how the spaces will be used.