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Must I pay Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) if I sell my second flat?

If you bought a property before March 11, 2017, you have to pay SSD of 16% if you sell it within the first year; 12% within the second year; 8% within the third year; and 4% within the fourth year. For properties bought after March 11, 2017, the SSD period was adjusted to three years, with the rate at 12%, 8% and 4% respectively. If you are forced to sell one of your flats and it has not met the Minimum Occupation Period yet, the consolation is that the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore will waive the SSD if you:

  • Own an HDB flat, inherit an HDB flat, and are required under the HDB's regulations to dispose of either the inherited HDB flat or the existing HDB flat.
  • Own a non-HDB apartment, inherit an HDB flat, and are required to dispose of the inherited HDB flat.
  • Own an HDB flat, marry someone who owns another HDB flat, and are required under the regulations to dispose of one of them.