Cranfield University, waterless toilet
Image: Cranfield University

Say goodbye to lingering toilet smells and expensive plumbing bills. A new waterless toilet is being tested by the Cranfield University in England, and could soon be reality! 

The system uses a special rotating mechanism to move waste into a treatment chamber, keeping it out of sight and also blocking odours. In the chamber, nanotechnology treats the waste, and one of the by-products is pure clean water. The solid waste is coated with a biodegradable nano-polymer which prevents odour, and can be collected to produce fertiliser. The sale of the fertiliser is used to offset the cost of the toilet such that it costs only USD$0.05 a day for users!

The toilet is powered by batteries, and when the power runs out, more can be generated by cycling or using a hand crank. 

Besides being eco-freindly, more importantly, the toilet will bring proper sanitation facilities to rural areas around the world and prevent diseases caused by poor sanitation!

Click on the picture to watch this fun video, and better understand how this waterless toilet works! 
Cranfield University, waterless toilet