Spring cleaning your home is one thing, but preparing it for viewings with potential buyers is a whole different ball game. Unlike simply making the place look clean and presentable for guests, getting it primed for sale requires a fresh mindset. There are certain things that buyers will look for when they shop around for their dream home, and more often than not, providing them with a blank canvas to conjure up their own interior creations is the best way of presenting a property. Here are 5 top tips to help get your house ready for upcoming viewings.

1. Keep your home clean

Not only is it important to do a big clean from top to bottom, it’s also important to keep it looking that way for the duration of the time it’s on the market. A daily routine is key if you want to have a sale-ready property at a moment’s notice. You never know when people might request a viewing, so be prepared for a bit more work when it comes to day to day cleaning tasks.


2. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered home when you have potential buyers to impress. Clutter can make rooms appear smaller, so the idea is to keep things minimal and sparse. This will leave enough of a blank slate for buyers to imagine their own furniture, whilst also seeing the potential of where they can put things. Invest in extra storage boxes to keep things hidden out of sight, or even consider renting a storage unit if you don’t have the loft / garage space available. Use a declutter checklist to keep on top of each area of the house, and remember to label any boxes so you remember where you’ve put everything. For ergonomically challenged rooms, organisation is your best bet. Here are 8 life-changing organisation tips to help you.

3. Don’t forget to stage each room

Design and conceptualisation techniques can help to elevate your home to a new level, and can help buyers see the full potential of your dining, kitchen and living spaces. For those who struggle to visualise a space, staging is absolutely essential for aiding decision making. Remember that good lighting is one of the most important aspects of staging too, so think beyond furniture and consider different ways to make each room more light and airy.

4. Remember the drive  

We all know about curb appeal, but did you know that this isn’t just for when you have viewings booked in? It’s not unusual for potential buyers to drive by before a viewing. Sometimes, their first impression of the exterior of your home is the deciding factor of whether they want to come in and see the rest. So having a neat and tidy driveway should be something you prioritise as soon as you put your house on the market. Consider a lick of paint for the front door, and don’t be afraid to decorate the entrance area with plants to make your house look more inviting.

5. Choose neutral colours and decor

If you want to make your property appealing to as many people as possible, stick with neutral colours for the walls, soft furnishings and decor. Believe it or not, paint colours can actually boost the value of your home. Try to avoid interior styles that are specific to your taste – because your preference in decor may not be everyone else’s. Light neutral colours can also make rooms appear more spacious too, which can really help your house stay competitive in the market.

This article was contributed by Robert Lovell.