With esports quickly proving itself to be 2019's most explosively lucrative industry, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are tossing their hats into the ring, joining hands with the biggest fish in the pond. After all, which company says no to potential profits?

Furniture design company Herman Miller is among the list of "recent recruits" in this respect. Just yesterday, the firm renowned for the eye-catching Eames Lounge Chair signed a partnership with professional esports organisation Complexity Gaming, henceforth becoming their "official seating partner".

There's no need to smirk – a furniture company entering esports isn't the weirdest partnership we've seen to date. Not by far. In case you missed it, League of Legends developer Riot Games recently collaborated with French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton to design a case for the 2019 LoL World Championship trophy. Esports tournaments and luxury apparel – now that's a real oddball.

Anyway, what does this new partnership involve? Simply put, gaming chairs. According to representatives from both companies, the partnership's main objective is to "develop an industry-wide solution to ergonomic equipment and design products to address the specific needs of gamers".

To that end, Herman Miller will be setting up a lab at Complexity's headquarters in Texas, USA. Their work there will reportedly focus on designs tailored to prevent injuries and enhance the gaming experience. As it stands, we're still clueless as to what they have in mind, but knowing Herman Miller, it's probably going to be something classy yet practical. 

Images: Complexity Gaming and Herman Miller. Written by Kenneth Ang. Originally published in Hardwarezone.