With a world moving towards technology at an astonishing speed, the next step would very naturally be to integrate your home with more cool gadgets to make your life easier.

The highly anticipated annual tech showcase, Sitex 2016, is happening over the weekend and what’s new is the growing focus on home automation products and you even get to tour a mock-up apartment installed with these smart items. Here’s what you can expect. 

No more worrying about unexpected or unwelcome guests with this battery-operated doorbell with a camera by Fibaro Systems. Be alerted to any movement outside your home and if a guest comes early, they can ring your doorbell and you’ll be able to see them and allow them in using just your phone. 

One hub to rule them all. No, we aren’t talking about the Lord of the Rings, this is the Home Center 2, a power hub used to control the Fibaro System. Using Wifi, the home center can be installed to control the lights, blinds, temperature, media, cameras, alarm and equipment (like your coffee machine to make you coffee before you get home). For those worried about security, all information is protected by a backup and recovery system on an internal USB stick. 

For those with elderly or children at home, this panic button will come in handy. Also by Fibaro, this button is to be pressed during an emergency and two things will happen. One, an alarm sounds (it’s really loud, like a burglary alarm) and two, you will be sent a notification on your phone.

Besides things for the home, there are also smart items for learning and education purposes like the Neeuro SenzeBand (above) and the new Sprout by HP computer (below). The Neeuro SenzeBand is designed mainly for children and the elderly where they will wear the band, which will monitor their brain activities, and play games to exercise the brain and train their focus, memory, spatial awareness, cognitive flexibility and decision making skills.

As for Sprout by HP, it uses a downward-facing camera that can take photos in 3D and auto-crop to make editing and creating images easier. It also doubles up as a scanner and you can use it at home, at school and in the office. In fact, the Sprout by HP computer is used in US schools for education purposes. To encourage collaboration and interaction, they also have a 20-point touch mat (Meaning 20 fingers can touch it at the same time) that also functions as a virtual keyboard and a 10-point touch computer screen so everyone can add a touch of their own idea in. Perhaps we might see Singapore taking the same route for our schools in the future.