Intercontinental Singapore has been around since 1995. That's as old as I am, a '92 kid who first wandered in to the hotel with my best friend – accompanied by her parents of course – for a quick toilet break before Finding Nemo started. Yup, it was that long ago! Even then, the hotel wowed me with its Peranakan theme, tall columns, and chandeliers. 

After a few years of upgrading (designed by interior firm FBEye), Intercontinental is now officially debuting its new look. The Peranakan theme remains; you'll see a harmonious use of prints and colours for furnishings – such as white, gold, and blue-green tones – as well as custom silk headboards with Peranakan-inspired motifs. 

There is a mix of old and new in the heritage hotel – classic styles like wainscotted walls with egg blue trimmings as well as contemporary furniture made with wood, marble and steel. The new look is inviting and cosy, and every detail has been carefully chosen. Have a look!