The unassuming facade of this house blends in with the rest of the street on the outside, giving no hint of the luxurious interior.

Stroll past Trunk(House) in the serene neighbourhood of Kagurazaka in Tokyo, and you’ll never guess that this nondescript two-storey building, once a geisha house, is now a stylish abode for travellers – albeit one that houses several works of modern art and the world’s smallest disco.

Masumi Ishikawa's 'Scenic Tour of Japan: Then and Now' adorns the tiled wall above the bathing area, enlivening the space with a contemporary touch.

Designed by the team behind Trunk(Hotel), the historical building has been transformed into a one-bedroom property that can accommodate up to four guests. The design concept is based on the Japanese salons that were dotted throughout Tokyo in the 17th and 18th century, where artists and academics would gather and debate late into the night.

As a nod to the role the iconic salon played in shaping the cultural landscape, the house, with 1,647 sq ft of space spread over two floors, is filled with contemporary art ranging from sculptures to paper cut-outs.

A tea room allows guests to experience traditional Japanese tea rituals, prepared by the private butlers.

The modernity of the art is juxtaposed with the very traditional elements of a Japanese residence: the façade of the house has been preserved in keeping with the stone paths and greenery-filled tranquility of the neighbourhood, while inside, a tea room lined with tatami mats and a cypress bath create a zen atmosphere.

The world's smallest disco.

The house does have a few surprises up its sleeve, though. Guests are treated to the world’s tiniest private disco, a brightly-coloured room complete with curved drinks bar and glittering disco ball – a reminder of Tokyo’s vibrant playfulness that coexists with the formal and traditional. Guests can also expect top-notch service, including private butlers and a personal chef. For a house that looks so unassuming from the outside, the experience it holds within is definitely designed to be unforgettable.

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