Kult is one of the most offbeat art galleries here, and its latest project isThe $200 show: Actually Affordable Art, a tongue-in-cheek take on established art fairs where prices typically soar into the stratosphere.

As expected from its name, everything goes for less than $200 each. But that doesn't mean the quality is compromised — more than 30 artists from Japan, Britain, America, Australia, Thailand will be taking part and art of every medium from silkscreen prints, risograph prints, original illustrations, digital prints, vinyl art to resin-cast sculptures will be on sale.


The local contingent will be well represented as well, with prominent names like Mojoko and fFurious repping.


If you spot something you like, simply pay for it and take it home with you immediately (*assuming it isn’t too big to carry).

On from now till 22nd May, The $200 show: Actually Affordable Art fair takes place at Kult. For more details, head here.


Adapted from Female.