There's quite some discussion about smart living recently, it seems.

As terms like “smart home”, “smart city”, and “smart nation” are bandied about increasingly often, it’s high time to examine the attitudes of Singaporeans towards incorporating technology into their lives.

What does smart living mean to young Singaporeans, and how comfortable are we with the idea of living in a home that’s equipped with smart technologies?

To address these growing issues, property developer Qingjian – who’s behind The Visionaire, Singapore’s first executive condominium (EC) with smart homes – conducted a timely survey with 100 young couples, aged 20 to 40 years old, in Singapore.

The results, which were released in March 2016, revealed that 79 per cent of young couples are open to living in an EC enabled with smart technologies. The majority preference should come as no surprise, as gadgets and technology have become increasingly commonplace in the daily lives of young adults in Singapore.

Of those polled, 63 per cent are willing to pay S$30,000 to S40,000 on furnishing their homes with smart technologies. These include smart lighting, smart air conditioning and smart security systems.

Convenience, energy efficiency and safety were among the most appealing features of a smart home, according to the survey results.

Given that the majority of young couples are willing to consider buying a smart home, and demonstrate a good understanding of how smart technologies can be integrated in their daily lives, it appears that the market is ready for Singapore’s first EC with smart homes.

At the recent launch of The Visionaire, close to 70 per cent of buyers chose Qingjian Realty’s smart home package.

“It offers security and convenience for homeowners. With its high take up rate, it shows the readiness of Singaporeans to take the next step into the future of smart living,” said Mr Li Jun, General Manager of Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd.

(First published in The Straits Times)