(Photo: The Straits Times)

By Ms Dawn Quek, florist-owner at Dawn Q. Floral Design at 87 Upper East Coast Road.
The store does customised floral wreaths and conducts wreath-making workshops.

What you need

1. Wire and twine

2. Wooden Christmas wreath structure, 30cm in diameter

3. A 1m-long strip of wide ribbon

4. Plants, those used for this version are: Chamaecyparis yellow leaves; Ilex x meserveae "Blue Prince" leaves; Phalaris, which has been dyed red; Skimmia japonica, spray-painted gold; Ilex verticillata, spray-painted gold; cotton flowers; pine cones

5. Clippers and scissors

6. A decorative bauble (optional)

The wooden Christmas structure is available at decorative flower stores at The Verge (2 Serangoon Road), while most plant wholesalers stock the plants listed.




Watch the video here.

1. Wind the wire around the width of the wooden structure and create a loop with the remaining part of the wire. This is now the centre of your wreath. The loop will allow you to hang it from a hook when it is finished.

Next, use the ribbon to tie a bow over the wire to cover it (photo 1).

2. Build your wreath with the Chamaecyparis yellow leaves as the base. When cutting the branches of the plants to stick into the wooden structure, leave about 6 to 8cm of the stalk. Do not cut it too short as it will fall out of the structure easily. If it is too long, the branch will stick out on the other side.

Stick the branches at an angle instead of vertically down and arrange them in a circular manner, following the shape of the wooden structure (photo 2). Also, make sure the leaves are not spread out too much.

3. As you go along, add the other coloured leaves and flowers to the arrangement. Mixed foliage, with contrasting textures and colours, create a more visually arresting wreath.

For the cotton flowers and pine cones, twine the base with wires (photo 3) and loop the wire around the width of the wooden structure. Tie a knot to fasten the flowers or cones and cut the excess wire. For variety, you can also use cinnamon sticks tied with ribbon.

When you are done with half of the wreath – or reached the bottom of the wreath – change the direction of the placement of the leaves. This will prevent your wreath from turning out with all the leaves facing downwards.

Both end points do not need to be levelled with each other – this will create an unfinished look.

4. String some wire through the bauble, loop it under the ribbon and make a knot so that it hangs on the wreath (photo 4).

Written by Natasha Ann Zachariah for The Straits Times