(Photo: The Straits Times)

Marzipan Snow Globe

By Ikea Singapore, 317 Alexandra Road and 60 Tampines North Drive 2

What you need

1. Marzipan

2. Marzipan moulds (optional)

3. Paint brushes

4. Food colouring

5. Markers that can draw on glass

6. Clear glass jar with a lid

7. Desiccated coconut

Ikea Singapore sells several of these items, such as marzipan ($3.90 for 200g); marzipan mould ($2.90 for three pieces – in the shapes of a Christmas tree, bell and snowman); paint brushes ($5.90 for a set of six); and clear glass jars with a lid ($6.90 each). The food items can be bought from baking stores, while the markers can be found at stationery shops.


Watch the video here

1. Pinch off a sizeable amount of room-temperature marzipan and knead it. Then press the marzipan into the moulds to get various shapes.

If you do not have moulds, you can make your own shapes. For example, roll the marzipan into balls to create a snowman's body and cones to stack on top of one another for a Christmas tree. You can even make scarves, bow ties or a top hat for the snowman (photo 1). Make different-sized characters for variation in the snow globe.

2. Paint your marzipan figurines with food colouring. Dilute the food colouring with water if you find the colour too bright. Allow the pieces to dry for five to 10 minutes.

3. Use the markers and decorate the outside of the jar with festive images. For example, you can draw a tree with snow on its branches.

4. Once the figurines and drawings on the jar are dry, place the figurines carefully into the jar (photo 2) and sprinkle desiccated coconut on them to create a snow-like effect.

5. Seal the jar. The marzipan snow globe can be kept in a cool area.

Written by Natasha Ann Zachariah for The Straits Times