Bad (Ranked 12th)



Luck 24%

With no lucky stars to guide you, only determination and hard work will see you achieve results.  But, due to the Indolent star, you are liable to bad habits and laziness this year and it could affect long-term success. Only a strong fighting spirit and open communication will result in progress, especially at work or in school. The star of Arts enhances creativity yet induces loneliness. Share your innovative ideas with colleagues and classmates, and get their help along the way. Beware of injuries and accidents brought on by the Mishap star. Take safety precautions such as walking in well-lit areas and avoiding high-risk physical activities.  



As this period is likely to be filled with problems brought on by Grand Duke, business owners should avoid expansion. You should not give up on projects when they do not go smoothly. Instead, put in extra effort this year, it’ll be worth it in the end. Consider learning some creative skills as they may help you gain new perspective at work.




Due to the presence of the Mishap star, accidents and injuries will be more likely. Avoid risky activities and travel plans. You are also susceptible to mental health ailments such as insomnia and depression. Therefore, it is important to head outdoors regularly, preferably to parks and the beach, to lift your spirits. It is important to choose an auspicious date if you need to undergo any surgery this year. 


Lucky Colours


Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.