Goat                Good (Ranked 2nd)



Luck 88%

This is a smooth-sailing year for the hardy Goat; one filled with fortune, health, and smooth progress due to the presence of the Prosperity star. Expect significant advancements in your career and steady financial growth if you maintain a harmonious work environment; this will also invite helpful peers into your life. You can also look forward to plenty of overseas travel, whether alone or with friends and loved ones. Although some unlucky stars, like the Discord star, may cause conflicts with your partner or spouse, you should be able to resolve them easily by taking a softer stance and giving in.


Career                        ★★★★★

It may not seem like your career is on the path of rapid growth, especially since you will hit several minor obstacles in the course of planning and executing projects. With determination, these challenges will be easily overcome and that will make your professional abilities even more apparent to those around you. This is especially so with people issues: engaging in gossip in order to fit in will only affect your luck. Focus on work and recognition is yours to have. 


Health                        ★★★★

While you enjoy a worry-free life this year, remember to maintain your physical as well as spiritual health. Being overly focused on achievements may cause you to feel a lack of purpose; spend more time building bonds with family and friends during your leisure time and broaden your horizons by travelling. To up your nutritional intake, try to consume more fresh produce, especially fish, and eat less fast food.  


Lucky Colours

Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.