Average (Ranked 6th)



Luck 64%

Although your luck this year is average, your determination will make all the difference in creating an accomplished year. The presence of the Authority star indicates that authority and wealth are attainable if you make use of your leadership skills. But that also means delegating wisely where needed, as your foresight may be poor due to the Misjudgment star. Individuals may try to flatter you in the hope of cheating you of your wealth, whether at work or in your love life. You are more prone to injury and dangers, especially when travelling. 


Career                        ★★★★

Career advancement is on the cards this year, be it a promotion, a raise, or even new business ventures. Your ability to lead by example and work on the frontlines together with your team will be valuable and will bring excellent results. Do not be afraid to learn new skills and see new perspectives from those who are younger, and you will gain respect for being open-minded.


Health                        ★★

Take extra care in maintaining your health, especially given the high physical and mental demands this year. With the Injury star present, there is a high chance of injuries and accidents. Do not get distracted when driving or travelling. You should also avoid high-impact sports: try moderate ones like hiking and weightlifting to build strength and relieve stress. 


Lucky Colours

Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.