Good (Ranked 3rd)



Luck 84%

Excellent interpersonal relationships shall fill your life, both at home and at work. Aided by the Relationship star, you can grow your network through active engagement and collaboration with others. Participate in volunteer work and use your charm to support a cause to boost your overall luck, as the star of Kindness rewards your generosity with opportunities to grow your wealth. Even so, be wary of extravagance in your spending, especially where romance is concerned. Watch your bone and joint health; take more foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, and try interval training to improve your reflexes and flexibility. 


Career                        ★★★★★

With active networking in different interest groups, you will enjoy successful professional partnerships that drive your career to greater heights, especially if you are a business owner aiming to expand overseas. Do not be afraid to take initiative and propose new ideas as others will be encouraged by your enthusiasm. At the same time, make sure you are able to deliver on your promises and provide support to your clients. 


Health                        ★★★

As you become busier with boosting your career and wealth, don’t neglect your body; frequent late night social engagements means that you need to eat healthy and get regular sleep to keep your immune system strong. You are prone to limb injuries, so try to do more stretching before vigorous exercise and take foods like seaweed to boost bone and joint health.  


Lucky Colours


Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.