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Luck 48%

Unlucky stars foretell setbacks in your personal life, leading to emotional turmoil. To make matters worse, the Bloodshed star suggests high possibility of blood loss. Lift your spirits during this troubling year by helping others or donating blood. On a brighter note, the Resolution star helps thwart obstacles. Therefore, the setbacks you face are temporary and should be treated as life lessons. What’s more, the Achievement star denotes a breakthrough in the career and academic arena, so do not forgo any opportunities that come your way.


Career                        ★★★★

Strong career progression will be the highlight of your year. If you are hitting milestones in your professional employment, you can look forward to a promotion. Business owners will be rewarded with awards for competitive projects. Even so, avoid taking shortcuts to success.



As you strive to maintain personal relationships, you will get caught up in emotional turmoil. Be calm and rational when responding to conflict – you do not want to regret any harsh words especially when injuries and sudden disasters are highly probable this year. Take precautions against safety hazards at home and monitor your parents' health. When travelling overseas, choose safer transport options.  


Lucky Colours


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