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Challenges in handling people relations and legal matters will be the running theme of your year, thanks to multiple unlucky stars, like the Lawsuit and Slander stars. They bring conniving characters and legal issues into your life, robbing you of wealth. Be vigilant even when dealing with friends. This year, relationships at home may be tested and your health will be affected as a result; manage this with relaxing exercises such as yoga and meditation to help you keep fit. You may also take up courses to focus your energy on something positive while also gaining new skillsets that will aid your career. 


Career                        ★★★

You will find solace in your work this year. If you can find a way to manage relationships with co-workers, you can progress and find satisfaction in your job or business. Avoid gossips and confrontations to the best of your ability. Be respectful to all and concentrate on doing a good job. Your hard work and endurance could pay off handsomely.


Health                        ★★

Due to stress and long hours at work, it is tempting to skip meals or eat at irregular times. This will affect your digestive health; stick to regular mealtimes and eat food that is rich in probiotics. To ensure an uninterrupted night's sleep, drink warm water and do light exercises like yoga and stretching. Spend more time with trusted friends and family; this will help take your mind off stressful situations at work.  


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