If you’ve ever had the fortune of visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Fondation Louis Vuitton, or the Dancing House in Prague, you would have encountered the designs of world renowned American architect Frank Gehry.  Working in collaboration with Hennessy for Hennessy X.O’s 150th anniversary, 91-year-old Frank has designed yet another masterpiece, but instead of a building, it’s a bottle.

Inspired by the vital soil, twisting vines, and the Charante River that runs through the Hennessy estate, Frank Gehry’s imaginations have come to life once again in this crinkled bronze designed dipped in 24 carat gold. 

The decanter is also enveloped by a fractured glass glorifier that visually simulates the splashing of river water flowing over rocks. Frank also modelled the design in an attempt to visually depict the ‘odyssey of senses’ that comes with a sip of the cognac.

“The one we chose is kind of a simple idea.  It’s crumpling up the material, which gives it a feeling of movement.  It gives it a feeling of life.”  The architect said in a promotional video. Seeing as how Frank has always been moved by the specific surrounding environment of his designs, and in turn strived to move others with his experimental work, it is unsurprising that this decanter-cum-sculpture is a truly unique and notable piece to have in any collection.

The collaboration piece is currently valued at 15,000€ (SGD 24,000), and is available upon request on the Hennessy website.  Only 150 pieces will be released by the label, which will be followed by a more widely available version further down the line.

This article was first published by The Peak.