More than just a tool to check yourself out, mirrors can do wonders to enhance a home. If you're lacking some creative ideas on ways to maximise its potential, here are 10 ideas to get the ball rolling.


Covering a wall with a floor-to-ceiling mirror creates a convincing illusion of a larger space. The wall at this kitchen’s entrance reflects the entranceway, but looks as if you can walk right through it, doesn’t it?
(Interior design by Mong Design Studio)


By concealing the wardrobe and bathroom behind mirrored sliding panels, the entire bedroom will not only look larger, but neater as well.
(Interior design by Benjeemen Heng I.D.)


The bomb shelter entrance is an eyesore for many homeowners, but it's one that can be easily masked by mirrored panels too.
(Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)


If your room divider is near a window, it might be a good idea to clad it with mirrors as it'll help reflect natural sunlight into the space. 
(Interior design by DistinctIdentity


Liven up an understated bathroom with a decorative mirror.
(Interior design by Space Matters


This jet-black Rococo-inspired mirror is not only attention-grabbing, but also accentuates the monochrome bathroom.
(Interior design by The Interarch Design)


To ensure that every corner of this bathroom receives sufficient light, a chandelier was fixed close to the mirror to double its intensity.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


Going for a luxurious ambience? Backlit mirrors are the way to go.
(Interior design by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd)


Accent small areas such as this niche for placing toiletries with mirrors for a more polished finish.
(Interior design by Ong & Ong Architects)


Mirrors can also be a centrepiece for the space. This one from D-Bodhi, which is flanked bymade of wood waste, is a choice example.
(Interior design by Project File)