Bored of staring at the same thing day in day out? If you’ve always wanted to give your room a spanking new look or to embark on a small DIY organisational project but don’t quite know where to start, consider the help of these 10 YouTubers. They have documented their home/room transformation along with tips on how to get a particular look which are bound to be useful for any noob.

From channels that focus on DIY creations to celebrity home tours, these YouTubers have created videos for different tastes and is sure to evoke #homeenvy and get you to to your nearest DIY hardware store, stat.

The Sorry Girls

Started almost 10 years ago, The Sorry Girls consist of two friends — Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid — who met in university. The girls derived their name from playing on the stereotype that Canadians apologise too often. Together, the girls produce videos on a wide variety of DIY projects for room makeovers to festive costumes and even recreate products from popular decor stores such as Pottery Barn.

Besides DIY projects, the girls occasionally post videos of their thrift store hauls and share home organisational tips that make them so much more relatable. The video above shows the pair giving useful tips on styling shelves with stuff from the thrift store and decor store. Main takeaways? Look for books (hardcover, with removable sleeves), baskets, bowls and botanicals; think about layering and grouping; and keep to a colour scheme. Watch to learn more.


Best Dressed

Best Dressed’s Ashley is the perfect person to follow if you’re interested in DIY fashion and styling projects. A lot of Ashley’s videos revolve around clothes and creating items such as clothing racks and styling (or changing up) different types of clothing pieces to breathe new life into them.

Ashley also tends to take viewers on her thrift haul trips and gets personal about her life experiences, including her dating history. The video above shows how she painstakingly overhauled her new bedroom, transforming an empty space into one that’s Insta-worthy — fake brick wall, carpeted floors, a reading nook and all!


Buzzfeed Nifty

The great thing about Buzzfeed’s Nifty is that it’s got loads of videos that range from home makeover tips to smart lifestyle hacks, ensuring that you’re never short of inspiration when you need it. Nifty often features personalities from other Buzzfeed channels (e.g. LadyLike and Tasty) so if you’re an ardent Buzzfeed fan, these crossovers are a joy to watch.

Nifty recently released a video series called Space Lift where the channel’s producer, Ashley, shares how she has transformed a particular space — whether it’s an entire studio apartment or even a messy closet — into something organised and beautiful to see. This video shows her transforming her tiny weirdly-shaped room into a beautiful minimalist and cosy nursery with a mixture of store-bought items and DIY measures.


Mr Kate

Mr Kate is a creative duo consisting of Kate Albrecht and her husband, Joey Zehr. The couple is famous for their amazing work on transforming the living spaces of fellow YouTubers in their video series, OMG We Are Coming Over! They’re also known for their bedroom makeovers that cost under US$300.

While home makeover videos take on the main bulk of their content portfolio, Mr Kate often share personal videos about their lives as a family — including their pregnancy journey. This video shows them spearheading a room design challenge where two kids go head to head to create a dream bedroom. Fun!



Houzz is an online community focusing on architecture and interior design. The company launched Houzz TV, a YouTube channel that boasts videos on celebrity home tours. The channel has a video series called My Houzz featuring celebrities looking to renovate the home of someone meaningful to them.

Their latest My Houzz video includes Empire star, Taraji P. Henson, who surprised her stepmother, Angie, by renovating Angie’s kitchen, living room and dining room. The result? A brightly-lit, whitewashed decor with a modern open space that is a breath of fresh air. Other celebrities who have been featured in the series previously include Olivia Munn, Gordon Ramsay and even Tony Hawk.

While the channel doesn’t publish videos on DIY projects all that much, it does give you plenty of inspiration when it comes to renovating your home and decorating it. What’s more, you get an intimate view into the lives of different celebrities, their homes and the people that live with them.


Jenna Sue

For Jenna Sue, becoming an interior designer and YouTube personality was purely coincidental. The designer created her blog mainly to document the renovation process of her new home and shared some of her wall print designs online for fellow interior design enthusiasts. Her prints grew so popular that Jenna set up an Etsy shop and successfully managed to turn her online business into a full-time career.

These days, Jenna’s YouTube page is full of clever tips and tricks, such as how to use stencil to decorate your home, as well as some of her latest work in renovation and home tours. This video showed how she transformed their guest bathroom into one that’s luxurious and beautiful — while still on a budget.


Apartment Therapy 

What makes Apartment Therapy different from the rest of the YouTube channels on this list is that it’s got a stronger emphasis on home organisational tips and plant maintenance. We love that the channel also features a series dedicated to organising superstar Marie Kondo. Marie essentially takes viewers through on how to organise things such as their luggage, junk drawer and even children’s toys. There are also house tours and DIY projects.

The video above shows in a snapshot how you should organise your spice cabinet — let’s just say carefully labelled jars and organisational baskets make a whole lot of difference! Another series we quite like is one that features unusual homes (think shipping containers and former prison buses) and how they have been decorated and refurbished. That said, even if you live in a HDB in Singapore, we’re sure you’ll find these videos engaging and interesting.


Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is an established interior designer. If you’re rushed for time, you’d love her YouTube channel as it has quick videos — from 40 seconds to over 2 minutes — that provide tips on styling different areas in your home. The video above shows how you can style your room to turn it into a cute yet functional playroom for the kids. Emily also has a very mature style so her channel caters a lot to viewers who love classy and evergreen decor.


At Home with Nikki

Nikki was a former army spouse who travelled a lot with her husband who worked in the air force, and the constant travelling helped her pick up her skills in organisation and decorating homes on a tight budget. The video above shows her renovation work on a small guest bathroom, changing its greyish and dated interior into a clean and white space that’s reminiscent of a spa. On top of those tips above, Nikki also shares household cleaning hacks that we’re sure everyone will appreciate.


Home Depot

We know Home Depot is an all-in-one home improvement store in the U.S but did you know its YouTube channel features an impressive array of home makeover videos and DIY projects for you to try? This video shows ideas on how to update your kitchen over the weekend, such as replacing the old-school hardware of cabinets with sleeker and more modern handles, switching out the faucet and creating a spanking new backsplash. There are also videos on cleaning tips and indoor plant maintenance, so you can keep your house in tip-top shape.


Home & Decor 

Home & Decor has also started our own decorating tips series! Style Spy features senior writer Domenica Tan, who shares various ways to decorate your home, be it using plants for the home office or DIY-ing your prints with washi tapes.

This video shows how you can dress up a plain black ladder to display some of your favourite items.