We’re so adapted to seeing things at our eye level that we often forget that ceilings play an important role in changing the home’s overall ambience. So if you have a little more moolah to splurge on your renovation, invest in an unconventional treatment for your ceilings to add a little more oomph to your home.  

1. Clad the ceilings in the same veneer as the floor to turn a high-ceilinged living area into a snug and cosy “box”. (Interior design by Museum)
2. Tired of feature walls in the living room? Try a feature ceiling instead to zone an open-plan dining area instead. (Interior design by Prozfile)

3. While concrete floors give a home an industrial touch, pairing it with concrete ceilings creates an experience that’s more raw and authentic. (Interior design by Spacious Planners)

4. Build a “bookshelf” on the ceiling to echo the lines and treatment of the wall-mounted shelves. (Interior design by Lekker Design)

5. Use a monochrome wallpaper for the ceiling and keep the rest of the interiors pared-down to create an urban contemporary look for the space. Imagine waking up in this bed… you might think that you’re still flying over the city in your dream! (Interior design by Splendor)

6. This elongated lacquered plywood feature is a more interesting way to demarcate the entertainment system as compared to ordinary feature walls. (Interior design by Project File)

7. Fans of the classical style should consider a decorative coffered ceiling (this one was inspired by the ceilings of French palaces) to pull the whole look together. (Interior design by The Cottage Crafts)

8. To bring a monochromatic interior scheme to greater heights, create a bigger impact for the stark colour scheme by adding thin black beams to a white ceiling. (Interior design by Space Sense)

9. Fancy falling asleep under the stars? With black-out curtains and a fibre-optic-lit ceiling, you can now recreate the experience in the comfort of your own bedroom. (Interior design by Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design)

10. Even a simple ceiling feature like this embedded wood lattice screen can create a boutique ambience for the home. (Interior design by DistinctIdentity)