A touch of nature brings life to any home, and offers a sense of relaxation. Unfortunately, not many of us have the time or patience to care for plants, and that’s where artificial greenery comes in handy.                 

There are artificial grass and plants that are so realistic and well-made, you can hardly tell the difference between them and the real deal; yet, they trump actual greenery in many aspects. They are low-maintenance, customisable, and can be placed anywhere you want!

Local company Absolut Outdoors knows all about dressing up your home with artificial greenery. It specialises in artificial turf and green walls, and wooden decking for homes.

Here are some creative ways to dress up your home with its products:

1. Even a low balcony wall can be “landscaped” with artificial plants to keep prying eyes away from your balcony. Great for balconies with railings.

2. Pair greenery with a contrasting material to create an interesting feature. Take this wall, for example – the white bricks help break the monotony of the single-coloured turf!

3. Don’t have a backyard for the kids to run around in? Cover your balcony floor with artificial turf to give them the experience of running their feet through grass.

4. Turn your attention from the floor to the walls of your balcony. Absolut Outdoors can help you plan and create a customised design, using artificial plants, for your wall.

5. No balcony? No problem. Do what these homeowners did – they added turf to an area of their living room that sits by a large window.

6. Replace hanging artwork with a framed green feature. Because the plants are artificial, you’ll never have to worry about keeping them alive!

7. If you find rectangular frames too ordinary, switch up the design by using a different frame shape. In this example, the owner used hexagonal turf panels, creating a modern, stylish feature.

8. Not all artificial turf has to be green. Absolut Outdoors has a wide range of colours, including hot pink and blue, to create a happy space to entertain your guests! 

9. If your home has a simple, white theme, complement it with this minimalist version of a green wall. Perfect for a small kitchen!

10. Turn heads by covering the facade of your home with artificial greenery. The best thing is – these “plants” will never turn brown or die!


For more information on stylish ways to bring artificial greenery into your home, reach out to Absolut Outdoors.