The guestroom of a luxury hotel exudes a restful but sophisticated ambiance, don’t you think? If you’d like the same vibe for your own bedroom, follow these steps:

Photo: Capella Singapore

Choose a gender neutral, timeless colour palette

Marguerite Casey from Fbeye, an interior firm that has worked with hotels such as the Four Seasons Maldives and Pan Pacific Singapore, says a low-key but glamourous interior focuses on the finer details, rather than ostentatious features. To replicate that in the home, homeowners should choose a neutral colour palette that is not too masculine or feminine, such as white, soft beige, and blue-grey.

Photo: Intercontinental Singapore

Add glam in the smaller details

“Glamour can then come in in hints of gold or blue trimmings, or custom-made pieces such as a uniquely-crafted aircon vent or hand-painted armoire,” she says, using the design treatment of Fbeye’s latest project, Intercontinental Singapore, as an example.

Furnishings, from chaise longues to canopies and pillows, “will influence the ambience and add softness to the interior,” said the late Jaya Ibrahim from Jaya International Design, the firm behind Capella Singapore’s design.

Photo: Westin Singapore

Don’t compromise the quality of your sleep!

A good night’s sleep is a priority; like hotels, homeowners should pay attention to the type of mattress and linen they use. For instance, Westin Singapore uses the Westin Heavenly Bed, an oft-praised, pillow-topped mattress, and Capella Singapore uses linen by Italian luxury label Pratesi.

Replicate the experience by choosing quality materials such as Egyptian cotton and Irish linen, as well as plush feather or down pillows – whichever agrees with your body and skin! After all, the bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom.

Photo: Capella Singapore

Use dim lighting as a finishing touch

Create a warm and inviting bedroom with ambient light from bedside lamps. If you have a passageway leading to the main bedspace, install dimmable lighting here – this breathing space sets the mood and prepares the senses for relaxation.