Looking to set up a small home office? Rather than placing a desk and chair into an empty spot as an afterthought, dedicate part of your home to your workspace to create a conducive work environment.

(Interior Design: Story of Us)
1. These designers incorporated plenty of storage space within the study area for any folders or files the homeowner might want to hide from view.

(Interior Design: DistinctIdentity)
2. Keep your workplace vibrant and cheerful! This owner used plenty of soft furnishings and colour to brighten the creative workspace.

(Interior Design: Hue D)
3. For a larger workspace, combine it with another space, in this homeowner’s case, he combined his home office together with his walk-in wardrobe.

(Interior Design: Museworks)

4. Turn a stretch of wall into a long study table that can accommodate more family members. Using long shelves instead of bulky built-in storage cabinets can keep the space from looking cluttered.  

(Interior Design: Spaceedge Design)
5. Don’t have a spare room for a private study? Demarcate part of your living room with tall shelves to create a private area.